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Everyone is Talking About This Billionaire's Watch. What's So Special About it?

Li Ka-Shing is 20th richest man in the world.
Li Ka-Shing's watch is the talk of the town recently. His watch is so special that Bloomberg did a short video about it. Here's the video:


What's so special about his watch?

#1 It's set 30 minutes earlier 

It could be 1pm on your watch, but it's 1.30pm on Li's watch. He said this helps him stay punctual for every business appointment. Why 30 minutes? Li said that's the time he needs to travel to any part of Hong Kong. 

Image from The Star Online

#2 It's very robust

Li said that he doesn't need to be careful with this watch. "I can play golf, I go swimming, get any exercise, I don't need to be careful," he said. 

Image from Bloomberg

#3 It's cheaper than most billionaires' watches

Li's watch apparently cost USD400, which was not what Bloomberg's reporter expected to see. In the video, the reporter compared his watch to her own, which is apparently 30 times more expensive than his. 

Image from Lowyat

Cover image from Bloomberg

*Article source: Shanghaiist

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