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Kugan Tangiisaran

This is the story of 1st Officer Kugan Tangiisaran, an AirAsia Pilot who never gave up despite numerous obstacles over 7 years while working as a despatch boy.

Jochebed Isaacs

Jochebed Isaacs serves as Director and Clinical Psychologist at Early Autism Project Malaysia. She has worked with many children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Wisconsin (United States of America), Perth (Australia), Singapore, and Malaysia. Jochebed conducts diagnostic and developmental assessments, which includes IQ, adaptive behavior and language tests.

Sarah Woo

Sarah Woo is a therapist from Early Autism Project Malaysia. She shares her experience working with children with Autism. We also had two teenagers (their parents would like them to stay anonymous so we won't be mentioning their real names) who have autism to better understand their passion, talent and joy!

World Down Syndrome Day Special with Koh Khong Way

In 1993 Mrs. Koh felt like it's the end of the world when she gave birth to Khong Way and found out he has Down Syndrome. But 23 years later, after a long journey of love and struggles, they came out triumphant. Khong Way can function independently now and has been holding his current job since 6 years ago.

GP3 Driver Akash Nandy

Akash Nandy is Malaysia's very own GP3 driver and at the age of 16, he became the youngest driver to win the Macau Grand Prix (and it was his first try as well!). Akash speaks about how his dad inspired him to start in racing, how he manages the balance between racing and his law degree and his goal – to be the first Asian driver to win a F1 Grand Prix.

Asia’s Number 1 Female DJ Leng Yein

Leng Yein comes from a humble background of selling laksa with her grandmother in her hometown. She's gone through many hardships in life to get to where she is today and she shares her story!

TV Personality Aznil Hj Nawawi

The fabulous Aznil Hj Nawawi talks about his latest show "Pak Nil Goes to Hollywood”, plus his personal stories including what inspired him to join TV, the biggest challenge in his career, and his hopes for his children.

Singaporean Actor & Comedian Gurmit Singh

It's the Lite Breakfast with Steve, Shaz and Gurmit Singh! The comedy great from Singapore shares great stories, his relaxing favorites, an attempt at a Shaz's NewsRhyme, and telling us about his latest alter-ego: Hero Singh!

Kelly Tandiono of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4

Actress and model Kelly Tandiano is a mentor to the girls on Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4. She shares what drama you can expect and listen to Shaz's golden question - how to stay so thin in a world full of food?

International Star Richard Marx

Soraya from The Lite Drive caught up with Richard Marx before his concert at Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre!

Malaysian Singer Resh

We chatted with Resh about his rebrand (from "Reshmonu" to "Resh"), his music going international now, how having a family impacted him personally and professional, and how he'll always make Malaysia his home.

Ola Bola Star Bront Palarae

Bront Palarae is an actor, director, screen writer, producer. He plays the role of sports commentator 'Rahman' in the movie OlaBola. Steve and Shaz speak to Bront about how he got his name, why he loves acting to much and what does being in OlaBola mean to him.

Single Dad Finds Love: Francis Anthony

Francis Anthony is a widower and a great father to his teenage son. 13 years ago Francis lost his wife to breast cancer. It took him more than 2 years to recover from the grief. We want to help single dad Francis Anthony find love this Valentine’s!

Steve & Shaz Visit The Children's Cancer Ward at Hospital Kuala Lumpur

For World Cancer Day, Steve and Shaz visited the children at the cancer ward at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. We at LiteFM came together and bought 50 soft toys from David (the street peddler who had Leukemia) gave these toys to the children. From one cancer patient to another, with love!

Singer & Restaurateur Dato' Fazley Yaakob

We have the multi-talented Chef Datuk Fazley Yaakob on the show - he is a singer, motivational speaker, restaurateur, author and in his own words, a father above all.

The Cast of Ola Bola

The cast of Ola Bola - Marianne Tan, Luqman Hafidz and Saran Kumar joins Steve and Shaz on The Lite Breakfast to talk about the movie!

Ola Bola Sneak Peek

Here are some movie stills from the Ola Bola movie!

Chef Estie Kung of Man vs Child

She's tiny but she's more than just a kid! We have Chef Estie Kung from "Man vs Child: Chef Showdown" on the show - this little 8 year old can take on any adult chef and cook up a storm. We also challenged her to a "Wan vs Child slice & dice" competition with our very own Chef Wan!

Social Changemaker Rhonwyn Hagedorn

Rhonwyn Hagedorn: 3 years ago at the age of 19 she founded Project WHEE!, a youth initiative to teach Bario women English for ecotourism purposes. She talks about how a gap year she took opened a pathway to social entrepreneurship and her struggles in getting people to take her seriously because she's "too young".