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They Told Her She's Not Qualified Enough To Have Her Book Published, She's Now 1 of the Bestselling Local Author.

Never give up on your dreams.

Charissa Ong started writing poems after a breakup. It was her way of expressing all the welled up emotions -- some painful, some hopeful -- so that she can carry on with her life. It grew into a passion, especially after she discovered Lang Leav's poetry, and she started sharing these poems on her social media. 





Her poetry gained her a huge following, with fans from Malaysia and even Hawaii. She slowly grew into a celebrated local indie writer and, with the support of her friends and family, decided to publish her first book. 


However, there were people who were not so keen on publishing her book. They said that she was too young; she was 24 years old. They said that she didn't have the necessary educational qualifications to secure a publishing deal; she's a graphic designer. 



Despite all those criticisms, Charissa persevered. She spoke to local publishers and industry experts before she came to make a huge decision: to start her own publishing company. Lots of money and time were put into creating Penwings Publishings and on July 15, her first book Midnight Monologues was born. 



Right now, Midnight Monologues is rated as MPH's list of Top 10 Bestsellers in the local authors category. Her story is proof that you should never give up on your passion and dreams. Work towards it, put in the effort. It will pay off one day. 


You can find Charissa's book in MPH and Popular bookstores near you. 



Cover image from Charissa Ong

*Article source: Vulcan Post

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